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Slab City "The Range"

Slab City “The Range”

Slab City | “The Range”

A tradition that has started here at the Slabs (Slab City) is Saturday night Talent show held at “The Range”.  “The Range” was started by “Builder Bill”.  He said he taught himself how to play guitar so others would not be shy about playing. Builder Bill runs several generators (and some solar fed batteries), to run the lights and speakers for electrical instruments.

Covering the cost of running The Range in Slab City is entirely dependent on donations from those who attend, and Builder Bill’s own pockets.

“The Range” shows are free to all who come out and anyone can get on stage to perform music, poetry, whatever, by signing up on the list.  One musician (Neal – an eclectic talented musician of drums, guitar) found a diary in the desert and once he determined that it did not belong to anyone currently living in Slab City, got up on stage at “The Range” and read some of the diary with friends performing the action.

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Slab City New Year’s Eve 2013 was a rocking good time at “The Range”. There were all types of talent acts.  Flame throwers, knife eaters, acrobats, along with the local musicians.

There are some very talented musicians living and visiting Slab City. Something about seeing people try different talents, makes one want to explore one’s own creative side.  That is one of the inspirations that is popular about “The Range” in Slab City.  The acceptance of all who dare to share.   Visitors and musicians alike, recognize “The Range” as a very supportive environment to try one’s performance talents.


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