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One of the Slab City groups of RV campers that has been around for years and has the nicest camping complex at The Slabs is Loners on Wheels, LoWs for short.

This group was founded by Edith Lane. She had the inner vision to recognize the need for a singles club of people who travel. In 1969 she met with a group of eight other single campers in Death Valley, California. At that time Loners on Wheels was born, and her dream of a truly singles club became a reality.


Big Warm Hug for all LoW members new and old alike

Slab City Low’s are a warm welcoming bunch of Single RV Travelmates.

The rule that makes Loners on Wheels unique is that you must be legally single and when attending LoW events, members of the opposite gender, not blood related, must not occupy the same camping unit. This simple but strictly enforced rule is the basic premise of our club.

The Slab City LoWs group has put together a stable campsite for their boondocking fellow RVers.
They have separate trailers that serve as the Kitchen, media room, library, mailroom, and card room.  They are totally self-sufficient.  They have solar panels that feed 8 batteries.

They have water tanks and propane for their group cooking needs.  Once a week, on Wednesday, the current club president, Ann Cameron, cooks a fabulous meal for a $5 donation.  The donation funds are used for any repairs or improvements on the complex.

They also have an organized trash system where they burn paper trash and recycle all bottles, cans and non-burnable trash.  They have a campfire every morning where they meet for coffee. There is mail delivery to the LoW PO Box in Niland which is brought up to the Slab Low Complex by volunteers.  There is also Fed EX and UPS Delivery.

Other Slab CIty Activities include: car-pooling for shopping, sight-seeing, car-pooling for dinners out, movies at theaters, movie nights in the Media Room, Card games, Shuffle Board and other fun outdoor games, music entertainment, Luau (with a Tahitian dancer…one of the LoW members)



Contact Information

Loner’s on Wheels Website


Loners on Wheels
1795 O’Kelley Road, SE
Deming, NM 88030
Message: 575-544-7303
Toll Free Message 1-866-LOW-CLUB (569-2582)


2 thoughts on “Loners on Wheels

  1. Sounds like the group for me , I would like vist slab city and meet these people. I hope its O.K. that I have a converted school bus and my brother will probaly be with me, but hes single also.

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