Salvation Mountain Volunteer Weekend | 2012

Invitation to All to Salvation Mountain in Slab City, CA.
November 10th and 11th

After a winter and spring without it’s steward and creator, Leonard Knight,  and a merciless summer season, Salvation Mountain is in dire need of repair. Leonard Knight can no longer live on site due to health reasons so Salvation Mountain depends on volunteers LIKE YOU to be properly maintained. Now that conditions in the desert have finally cooled off, Salvation Mountain would like to invite you to our first Volunteer Weekend of the season!

Volunteers are encouraged to come for a day or for the entire weekend! We ask that volunteers sign up for specific work shifts to maximize our time and productivity.
Below is a list of our weekend projects! Please RSVP on our Facebook event page and send us a message when you decide what shifts you would like to volunteer for/what day(s) you will be joining us.


Sand cleanup on floors, exterior and interior of mountain using brooms, shop vac and leaf blower.
Sat all day

Dumpster will be provided to rid the site of old refuse collected from over the years.
Sat and Sunday all day

Volunteers will scour the site with gloves and buckets, collecting miscellaneous refuse (ie. empty paint buckets, pieces of glass, misc)
Sat and Sunday all day

PATCHING ADOBE on the waterfall
Volunteers will learn how to mix adobe, and patch cracks on the waterfalls.
Saturday 7am till noon

PATCHING ADOBE on Love is Universal
Saturday 7am till noon
Sunday 9am till 1pm

Sat 1-7
Sunday -7

Please let us know if you can bring any of these items with you!

Paint brushes
Shop vac
Empty 5 gallon buckets
Small dumpster
Dish gloves/rubber gloves
yogurt containers/paint container
Porta potty

6 thoughts on “Salvation Mountain Volunteer Weekend | 2012

  1. I have heard remarks from some visitors that this is the biggest ecological disaster of leadpaint in the western hemisphere! I must say that I agree….

    • Zhenya,

      If you feel that strongly about this issue, and evidently you do, I would strongly suggest you avoid Salvation Mountain and especially Slab City. That way, you will not be exposed to any toxic contaminants at either location. For if you believe there are no toxic contaminants left over from the military use of the area and that snowbirds burning plastic utensils, Styrofoam plates/cups, empty oil cans, etc etc etc. Then surely, you believe pigs can fly.:-).

  2. @Zhenya…the rumors you heard are not true
    “…Because the land was government owned and because so many people were camping there without paying taxes or rent, the county thought it would start collecting a user fee. They also figured that there might be a conflict with a “religious monument” at the entrance to a county campground.

    So in July of 1994, their solution was to hire a toxic waste specialist to come out and take samples of the dirt around Leonard’s Mountain to test for “contaminants.” Even before the test results were back, they cordoned off the area and labeled it a “toxic nightmare.” The tests predictably came back claiming high amounts of lead in the soil. The county petitioned the state of California for funds to tear down the mountain and haul it away to a toxic waste disposal dumpsite in Nevada.

    Local residents, and snowbirds alike, did not see that as an option for Salvation Mountain and their friend Leonard. Hundreds and hundreds of signatures were collected on circulated petitions. Thanks to the help of many old and new found friends,

    Leonard dug soil samples from the very same holes as the “expert” had used and submitted them to an independent lab in San Diego. No one was surprised when the new tests reveled that there were no unacceptable levels of any contaminants — especially lead — at Salvation Mountain.

    The mountain stands today as a reward to the determination of many and the tenacity of one.” from Salvation Mountain Official Website

    Thank you for bringing this old rumor to the surface so others that may hear the same can now read the facts. :^)

  3. thanks for your comment zhenya. In fact, there is no lead paint used at the Mountain. Each pain can that is donated is checked and if it contains lead, it is not used at Salvation Mountain.


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