Internet Service

Internet Service at Slab City

There are no hard wire Internet Services here at Slab City.  However there is the Internet Cafe where one can sit and use their internet wireless connection for about $1 donation per day.

The Oasis has internet connection available to their members for an extra $10 a month.  It is wireless and can only be accessed within The Oasis.

East Jesus has wireless internet connection as well.  They will trade that use for work you perform to help them out.

You can have your own internet connection at Slab City by ordering a connection box from Beamspeed. They will come out to The Slabs and place it on your rig or at your campsite.  Sometimes winter campers will ore one of these boxes and share the cost and bandwidth.  This works well if there is no one in the group is a download bandwidth hog.  Ask first how many people they have on their network.  If you find you are having trouble accessing it, then it could be that a higher level of bandwidth is needed for the amount of people accessing that internet connection.

The Calpatria Library also has wireless internet connection and computers if you do not have a laptop.  Ask the Librarian for the access information.

Some people go to a MacDonald’s or Starbucks Coffee in Brawley when they make their Walmart or other shopping runs.

Other people visiting or living at Slab City use their phones for internet connection.  Be aware that phone service is not that reliable do to the location of cell phone towers and military interruptions when they are doing some of their practice maneuvers.

Many people read books to try to break their addiction to the internet.