Hurts Band Music Video | “Somebody to Die For”


The UK Band named Hurts
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Hurts Music Video


Hurts Music Video filmed in Slab City.


Look for the Slab City Residents you might recognize, such as Builder Bill as the “Baptizer” in the Mud Tubs and pulling the rope – he has blond hair and a mustache. Also in the video are Slabbers  Beryl, Rubin, Shilo, Heidi, and Jacob.

Bill runs the The Range (ln Slab City) on Saturday nights for all musicians to experience performing in front of a live audience.

Hurts performing “Somebody To Die For”. (C) 2013 Major Label Limited under exclusive licence to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Who is “Hurts?”

UK electro-pop duo Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson. Formed in 2009, Theo and Adam look like they would be on the cover of Vogue with their sharp suits, slick hair and stark visuals. The pair have been compared to Tears for Fears. Their music is elegant and mysterious Hurts released their first single “Better Than Love” and toured the UK and Europe during the summer of 2010.

Before Hurts

Theo and synthesiser Adam were in bands Bureau and Daggers. On a trip to Italy, they discovered “disco-lento” (slow disco) which is a more stylish, European aesthetic and thus: “Hurts” was created.

“How are you doing? Not too bad. For a while you think that’s not very interesting,” Theo once said. “But it can be very interesting because it’s on a knife-edge of hope and despair.”

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7 thoughts on “Hurts Band Music Video | “Somebody to Die For”

  1. watching the video made me fell lonely, broke my leg last year at work and had to sell my 1927 Gibson L-50, to pay the bills

    • Hang in there Bill, sometimes the challenges in life lead us to new perceptions and inspirations. Examine that. Did you not know about filing worker’s comp for a work injury?

  2. The combination of this unique location and this heart-touching song resulted in a music video of epic proportions! Thanks to all involved.

    • We all enjoyed it too. Seems like lots of peeps in Germany did not “get it”. Maybe the artists will explain their view in an interview sometime.

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