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Slab City Welcome Page

A Site about Slab City

A Site about Slab City was developed by a Slab City resident, this Slab-City website is FREE! There is no charge for information on this site and it is the most current, well researched and documented information about Slab City you will find on the Internet.

There is another dot org website that claims to be official and claims to have a non-profit organization that helps clean up The Slabs, but we, the year round residents of Slab City, (and many of the returning Snowbird RV campers) have an issue with that.

For one, we have never received any money from all those “donations” for even the purchase of trash bags when we have had volunteer days of clean up.  So you decide if you want to pay that fee for outdated info or just sign up here as a Slab City Fan and get updates for Free!

Slab City Free Camping

Though camping is open, there are some areas where people who return year after year have posted “Taken” signs to reserve their Slab City Camping spot for their return. It is up to you if you want to honor those reserved camping spot signs. Some of those people do not arrive at Slab City until December or January, so if you decide to camp in that spot until they come, it would probably be OK.  Talk to the campsite neighbors and let them know you are willing to change champing spots when the regulars arrive.  Many of these people have camped near each other for years.  This is a Slab City Camping courtesy.

Check out the “Slab City Services” section to find out where to get supplies for your Slab City Camping experience like water, propane, gas, groceries, mail, laundry, and where the dumping stations are located. There is also a permanent resident that will deliver water to your rig and set up a water tank in your camping spot if you plan to stay awhile.

No Public Restrooms are available anywhere in Slab City. It is best to come for your visit or camping in Slab City totally self-contained.  The nearest public restroom would be at the gas station or one of the restaurants in Niland for customers only. Editor’s note: There is a Blue Stall by the Hot Springs area that was added in the spring of 2013.

Coming to the Slabs?  Read the Resident Ethics FIRST

Slab City Photography

People LIVE here. Some for 6 months and others are permanent, year-round residents. Do NOT take pictures of personal residents nor their Slab City campsites without asking the camper first.

This includes the Media coming to Slab City for a film, documentary, photography, news story or any other. If in doubt, ASK FIRST! Show some respect! Yes, some of the living areas are very eclectic and interesting. That is the beauty of living here at Slab City. Some residents believe if you take their picture you will take away their soul. OK, so we made that up, but you understand about respecting Slab City camper’s privacy, right?

Pack it in-Pack it out!

Trash is abundant. Go to Slab City Trash to learn more.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your visit to Slab City. This website was developed to give you correct, researched information. Take your time and enjoy the many stories we offer. Sign up to be a Slab City Fan

Most of all, we hope you come away with a fresh feeling of living outside the box. Living Off the Grid and the many ideas people have come up with using what is available to them for art, music, and well, just

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