“Slab City, Then and Now”

Slab City, also known as “The Slabs”, started out as a Marine Training Base in 1942. It was dismantled, buildings sold and removed except for the roofs, and streets grated.  After a period of non-use, it was used as a campground while men who were hired by a chemical company picked creosote.  Then abandoned again, it eventually became a squatters campground for Snowbirds.

There is no electricity, no water, no sewage or trash services.  There are no public restrooms.

 Below are links to details of the beginnings and past events in Slab City.

Slab City Heritage

Brief Area Native American History

Camp Dunlap  

Mr. F.W. Greer  

Lt. General Thomas Holcomb

General Robert H Dunlap  

Camp Dunlap is Dismantled

Land Conveyed to State of California

Creosote Collection

 Slab City Pioneers