Calexico Border Wait Times

Nov 13, 2012

Last updated: 7:00 am

Calexico West (Mexicali Centro)
Hours: 24 hrs/day 11/13/2012

Standard: 1 hrs
(8 of 10 lanes open.)

SENTRI: 15 min
(2 lane(s) open.)

Pedestrian: 1 hrs
( of 6 lanes open.)

Calexico East (Nuevo Mexicali)
Hours: 3 am-Midnight 11/13/2012

Standard: 1 hrs
( of 8 lanes open.)

SENTRI: 10 min
(1 lane(s) open.)

Pedestrian: No delay
(1 of 4 lanes open.)

Commercial Standard: 5 min
(1 of 3 lanes open.)

Commercial FAST: 5 min
(1 lane(s) open.)

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