January 19, 2012

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What is “Slab City”?

Slab City, also called “The Slabs” is not only  RV boon-docking camping  but also a place where people desert camp year-round.  *It is not really a city as there is no mayor, no city amenities like water, electricity, nor waste management.  This is Off-Grid-Living.

Slab City Census

There are about 2500 people living in Slab City between Nov and March, then that number dwindles down to about 150-200 Slab City full time residents during the summer. Slab City Residents are often referred to as “Slabbers”.


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Leonard Knight

Creator of Salvation Mountain dies at age 82

Slab City Residents mourn the loss of our beloved Leonard Knight, creator of Salvation Mountain.  Here is a video that shows Leonard Knight speaking with the common enthusiasm about LOVE that Leonard shared with the community and on his Salvation Mountain.


 Slab City Map

Slab City GIS Borders definition

Click on this map to see EXACT Slab City GIS Borders.

Slab City Short History

Slab City was formerly the U.S. Marine Corps training base called Camp Dunlap used in World War II. It was closed, buildings were deconstructed, and abandoned years ago. The ownership of the land upon which Slab City is located belongs to the California State Land Commission under the Department called School Lands.

The cement foundations that were left after the military buildings were torn down, is how it has become known as “Slab City”. It is a camping home to many winter RV travelers, retirees, and some 200 permanent residents who stay during the summer as well.

There are no fees to camp here. Campsite parking is on a first come/first serve basis. There is no water, sewer, trash pick-up, nor electricity. This is Boondocking territory. This is where people experiment Living Off The Grid.

Slab City RVers

Snowbirds living in RVs tend to camp in groups of like-minded people and similar interests such as Fulltime RVers, Canadian RVers, Single RV camping clubs, and even Hippies, and young train hoppers and “travelers”.

If you liked the movie “Into the Wild”, you may want to read this book by Chris McCandless’ Sister.


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